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All Seasons Comfort Cooling Ltd

Air conditioning and refrigeration


Our greener policy means that every precaution is taken to create the correct environment without harming it, by using environmentally friendly equipment that is pressure tested on completion, and using ozone friendly gasses ensures no harm is done

Global Warming
With the summer of 2006 being recorded as the longest on record and the increasing temperatures year after year it is no wonder that comfort cooling is becoming a standard commodity. With the versatility of our heat pump range we can cover all seasons; from cooling to heating with the added bonus of dehumidification all from one unit with low running costs. Check our new inverter condensers for efficiency and style. Save pounds on running costs up to 65% saving on electric heaters.

All Seasons Comfort Cooling Ltd Airconditioning and Refrigeration both commercial and residential.

Covering Bristol, Worcester, Gloucester, Hereford, Swindon.

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